PPC or Pay Per Click is a way to advertise on the internet where the advertiser will pay a publisher for every ad that a visitor clicks on.

Here both (publisher and advertiser) are equally profitable, the advertiser gets the benefit of traffic that leads to his website while the publisher gets a profit in the form of a commission.

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But what I will discuss in my article this time is not about PPC which is more detailed, but about the list of PPC sites that are proven to be expensive for the publishers. Because PPC can also be an alternative for those of you who want to make money from the internet through blogs or websites, you need to know because PPC provider sites are not just google adsense, there are still many alternative Google adsense PPC sites that pay dearly.

I will summarize here only the best and most trusted PPC sites until 2018, for that you please look at the list of PPC sites that are suitable for you to post on your blog or website.

Here is a list of the most expensive PPC sites that are proven to be paying;

1. Chitika

Chitika is a provider of ad revenue sharing services. Which means, they provide you with the possibility to make money from your blog / website / content by placing Chitika ads on your article and you will be paid every time your visitor clicks on the ad.

Many types of service methods that can make money from Chitika, but the most popular are PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPV (Pay Per View), while for a minimum income you can take is $ 10 through Paypal.


2. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the fastest growing sites in the advertising network. because in my opinion propeller ads personally is the best choice to use PPC services, because it provides detailed optimization for each type of site individually, so you can choose ads that can later perform well.

Propeller Ads appear as PPC, CPM, CPA, CPC and CPL based ad networks. Minimum payout of $ 100 via Payoneer, Payza and Wire Transfers.


2. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the fastest growing sites in the advertising network. because in my opinion propeller ads personally is the best choice to use PPC services, because it provides detailed optimization for each type of site individually, so you can choose ads that can later perform well.

Propeller Ads appear as PPC, CPM, CPA, CPC and CPL based ad networks. Minimum payout of $ 100 via Payoneer, Payza and Wire Transfers.


AdsOptimal is one of the best platforms for publishers (publishers), they offer a good RPM by dividing into 3 different levels, namely bronze, silver and gold for publisher sites with authority domains, traffic quality and several other factors.

You will understand better if you have implemented it on your blog or website, at minimum AdsOptimal the income you can take is $ 50 via Paypal or Check.



ExoClick is the largest web-based and mobile advertising service with a PPC mechanism, ExoClick provides adult, lifestyle and entertainment advertising, streaming and file sharing.

So if your website or blog has the above category, then my advice is to use ExoClick because ad performance will be better than other PPC sites.

All the best types of advertising are almost on ExoClick services such as banners, Video streaming, Notification bars, Popunder, Interstial, Instant messages and text ads.

and you need to know they serve ads on android applications

Minimum payout of $ 20 through Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfers

5. PopAds

Popads adalah layanan iklan yang berfokus pada popunder dan popup, di sini publisher dan advertiser mempunyai andil yang sama untuk menggunakan layanan tersebut. Platform ini adalah alternatif terbaik bagi anda yang belum mempunyai adsense sebagai sumber pendapatan blog atau website anda.

Popads sangat cocok digunakan untuk jenis situs download lagu, film, dan software dengan penawaran avg $4 RPM tergantung pada lokasi lalu lintas anda, yang saya maksud disini adalah pengunjung dari sebuah negara otoritas.

Dan satu lagi yang perlu anda ketahui, popads mempunyai fitur anti blokir iklan, jadi Adblock tidak akan berpengaruh.

Minimal Payout hanya sebesar $5 dollar via Payoneer dan Paypal.


6. Infolinks

Infolinks is a text-based advertising service, so you don't need to provide a place to place banners. They only target ad placement for each relevant keyword of your content. You can also use the keyword tag Cloud from Infilinks to your site or Infolinks can be used as an ad search.

Kunjungi situs
Because InfoLinks doesn't need a special place for banner placement so you can use that place for Google Adsense banners or other services, so that your income from a blog or website is more optimal.


7. Clicksor

Clicksor is also one of the best alternative text-based and contextual banner ads, Clicksor is the most popular and best for publishers and advertisers. Clicksor divides publishers into 2 groups with a total type of impressions, namely CPC and CPM.

Clicksor also offers a referral program with a 10% commission from the publisher that you direct to use clicksor.

Minimum Payout of $ 50 through Paypal and Check.


8. is the biggest contextual service from the PPC service I mentioned above, is a combination of Yahoo and Bing. Yes I can say this is the best alternative for Google Adsense at this time.

The CPC tariff is also very high and will certainly benefit you greatly, this is based on the CPC, CPM and CPA on eRPM basis. so naturally has become the most popular for advertisers and publishers in recent years.

Types of display ads in the form of display ads and keyword block Ads with a minimum commission that you can take for $ 250 via Paypal and Wire transfer.



9. Affinity Ads

Affinity adopts different types of services for advertisers to earn more from their websites through implementation on the Toolbar, search suggestions, in text and widgets. CPC, CPM and CPA based affinity with better eRPM rates with the highest revenue sharing up to 95% with advertisers.

Ad formats that you can use include search suggestions, In-domain, In-content, Banners and mobile ads.

Minimum withdrawal of $ 50 via paypal.


Kontera is an alternative to Infolinks, because the service format that Kontera uses is exactly the same as Infolinks which does not need a place to place banners. Unfortunately for CPC services it is low compared to Infolinks, but the CTR is higher.

Kontera is also compatible with Google Adsense and other types of advertising services, so it can co-exist harmoniously as a money-making machine for you. Distribution of results is contested with the advertiser by 70% with a minimum withdrawal of $ 50 via Paypal or Wire transfer.

11.Conversant Media

Based on CPC and CPM advertising services Conversant media ranks the best, coversant has contextual advertising services, banner ads of various sizes, Popunder and Popup that are different from the others, but unfortunately CPC, CPM and CPL are lower than what I have mentioned in on.

The types of ad formats are ad display, text display, video display, mobile ads, and flash ads.

Minimum Payout of $ 25 Via Paypal


12. AdHitz

If you are a PTC service user as one of your activities looking for income from the internet, then you are familiar with one of these platforms, because some advertisers use this service on almost all the best PTC lists today.

Y can I say that the PPC and CPC adhitz programs are advertising services with the lowest rates compared to the ones I have mentioned above. The types of ad formats offered are in the form of banners.

Minimum Payout of $ 25 using Paypal


13. A-ads or Anonymous is one of the PPC, CPM and CPA ad providers that will pay the publisher with bitcoin, here you can determine for yourself how much the minimum cashout

From my own experience who has tried to place a-ads on my blog, every week I receive income that is sent directly to my e-wallet bitcoin.

to list

 Klik Disini


14. Google Adsense (Best Of All)

Google Adsense is the best Pay Per Click service provider among all the existing PPC services, it is natural that google adsense is the most favorite among bloggers and website owners.

As you know google adsense displays targeted advertisements on each relevant content and displays advertisements to visitors based on the interests of your visitors, or more clearly,

Google adsense will display one or two ads that are not relevant to your content but display ads from several sites that are frequently visited by your visitors, of course this will increase the level of CTR which obviously impact on increasing your income.

Adsense rates vary based on relevant ads and those that are not relevant to your content, with CPC rates ranging from $ 0.2 to $ 15 depending on the location of visitors and the niche of the content.

However, to become a partner of Google Adsense at this time is not easy, there are several criteria that you have to face so that your blog or website can be installed with ads from Google, therefore I put the last position is Google Adsense as the most expensive PPC site proven to pay.

Ad formats: Responsive ads, Display ads, Text ads, Link ads, and Page level ads.

Minimum Payout of $ 100 Via Check, Wire transfer, EFT, Western Union.



Don't use 2 to 3 networks that I mentioned above, because it can have a negative impact on your blog or website and also your income.

Place banners naturally don't overdo it, because in addition to aggravating the blog or website when loading it also makes your blog look unprofessional.

Install Popup and Popunder as needed, don't overdo these two services, which will certainly harm your visitors, if your visitors are already annoyed, of course they will not linger and will move to other sites.

I, as the admin, hope you enjoy reading my article about 17 PPC sites that have proven to be expensive until 2018, actually there are still many other PPC sites, but I am trying to provide a list of the best PPC sites from the CPC level.

Therefore, if there is a list of PPC sites with the highest paid missed, please include the site in the comments column that I have provided.

Thank you for visiting and let's share your knowledge with me.

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