For those of you who understand very well about online shop, you must already know what dropship is, but for those of you who don't know what droship is, can we get money? Take it easy this time we will look a little about dropship.

Sistem Dropship
Sistem Dropship

Dropship is a trading chain where a dropshiper (the name for a dropship player) sells goods that he does not have to have in advance. In the sense of a dropshiper selling goods that are being sold by other people. By looking for profits from the difference in price obtained. A dropshiper can get money from the internet easily depending on his own marketing strategy.

Dropship system, you are still confused with the system from dropship ?. Dropshiper is tasked with finding buyers by selling the same products owned by the manufacturer. A dropshiper when getting orders or orders. Then the dropshiper will contact the manufacturer to send the item purchased to the person who bought it. Whereas the person who buys will pay to the dropshiper, after that the dropshiper will pay to the producer who will then send the goods after being paid by the dropshiper.

You can run this dropship business via the internet, by using an online shop website as a suggestion to get money. Speaking of online shops, there are many online shops in Indonesia, which provide opportunities for dropshippers to run their businesses. Examples of popular online shops for dropshiper business are Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada and Laku6.

As a dropshiper you have to be smart in reading opportunities in order to get money from the internet. By reading opportunities such as when looking at cheap prices you can immediately research about the seller. If it is suitable and is expected to be good for resale, why not just dropship.

How to Make Money from the Internet with a Blog
Blogs are a means of delivering information via the internet, but that is not the only function. Blogs can also be a field to get money through the internet. Basically someone who creates a blog is usually called Blogger. Blogger has each of its own ways to make money on the internet. There are bloggers who use the subject of discussion on Education in their blogs, there are also those who fill their blogs with articles on technology, information, entertainment, religion, health, agriculture, and more.


The average blogger makes his blog through platforms like Blogger and WordPress. The two platforms are the most popular media for creating blogs. Many successful people get money from the internet by using blogger or wordpress. Then how can you get money from blogs.

The concept of getting money from blogs
For those of you who want to get money from the internet by creating a blog. The following concept is how to make money from blogs ?.

Create a Blog on Blogger

Create a blog on blogger
Buy a domain (not mandatory but it is recommended to buy a .com .id .net or .org domain) according to your needs. You can buy a domain at Idwebhoster, Exabytes, Google Domain and others.
Registering a Blog to WebMasterTools (

Mendaftarkan Blog Ke WebMasterTools

  • When your blog has reached 50 visitors per day Please connect your blog to Google Adsense.
  • Place ads from Google Adsense on your blog by creating new ads in your adsense account.

Membuat Iklan di Blog
Membuat Iklan di Blog

  • Expand content and keep trying to get a lot of blog visitors.
  • Create a Blog on WordPress

  • To create a blog from wordpress is almost the same as how to create a blog on blogger, but there are differences as follows:

  • If the blogger signs up at, if on WordPress you can register on
  • If you want to use a domain like .com. Id .net .org and others. You have to buy hosting first.
  • On wordpress you can freely create content and appearance, with a note that you use the platform.
  • How to get money from the internet with a blog you can make a side activity at first, but you can turn it into a job if you already make enough money.

  • How to Get Money from the Internet with Youtube
  • In this day and age who is not familiar with YouTube, Youtube is a video sharing website either streaming or recording. So far, what have you seen on YouTube ?. Entertainment, education, tutorials or even news. From some videos have you found an ad? Definitely not, the ad on YouTube will pay for the channel owner. Similarly, your blog also advertises from Google Adsense.

Cara mendapatkan Uang dari Internet dengan Youtube

First you must have a youtube channel first. It is recommended to make youtube with content that fits your hobby. If you like singing make video cover songs, if you like playing games make videos about games or streaming playing games.

You need to know if you are not allowed to upload videos or music belonging to others, if you do that will incur the distribution of results even banned. Your youtube channel can display its own advertisements. If you have reached the minimum limit to install adnsense on YouTube.

Youtube has a minimum limit for us to be able to place adsense ads on our channel. What are the minimum limits for placing ads on YouTube. Having a broadcast time of more than 4000 hours, if you usually get a report from YouTube every month with a report time display in the form of minutes, then the time that must be achieved is 240,000 minutes and has a minimum subscriber of 1000 people. Only then can you use this method to get money from the internet with the record already approved to display adsense ads.

The minimum limit above you can quickly reach, by creating viral video content or making YouTube streaming. Because the video has the potential to have a lot of visitors and like to stay long in the video. What do you think about YouTube as a good way to get money from the internet ?. The point must be according to the hobby so that the work becomes lighter because of sincerity.

How to Get Money from the Internet with Design Services
Design services are businesses that can also make you get money from the internet, how? Basically, design services have many branches of profession. Here are various design services to get money from the internet:

Logo Design Services
Banner Design Services
Banner Design Services
Clothes Design Services
Header Design Services
Website Design Services
You can run these design services online, by opening promotions on the Internet (Facebook, Website, Whatsapp, and Instagram). There are many people who need design services. Opportunities like this that you can use as a way to get money from the internet.

Penawaran Jasa Desain Menarik

The internet does provide lots of business opportunities, businesses that make money of course. Share a little experience, If you open a design service on the internet, especially on Facebook, one important capital to run this business is to have the skills to run a graphic design software, have the creativity to compose something, have a portfolio and customer testimonials. The capital will increase the confidence of prospective buyers and try not to disappoint the buyer.

Also Read: Design Contest Sites to Get Money from the Internet

For how to get money from the internet, I will not explain about how to create a design but I will give tips on safe opening a design services business on the internet. Here is the security system:

Offering design services
Briefing or Prospective buyers are asked to provide a clear description of the design to be made.
Transfer of design services payment fees of 50%.
Design Making.
Screenshot or Send the design with an additional watermark so that it is not immediately carried away by the buyer.
Revisions (If applicable)
Transfer the design fee payment for the remaining unpaid fee.
Send Full Design.
By reading how to get money from the internet you are definitely more enthusiasm to make money from the internet. In addition to design services there are many other ways to be able to get money from the internet. The important thing is action and not too many plans that can make us unable to action.

How to Get Money from the Internet by Writing Articles
Being a writer is really fun if your hobby is writing. You can get big profits and this way. Why do I say the benefits are very large. Because your writing can be paid with more money, of course SEO. Being an article writer you can do it casually and as a side job. How to get money from the internet very much isn't it. By writing you can make money from the internet.

Menulis Artikel
Menulis Artikel

The internet provides a lot of opportunities to make money, this makes many young people who start using the internet as a means to get money from the internet. Back again to the article writing services, you already know what SEO is?

SEO article?
SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization or if it is translated into Indonesian it means Search Engine Optimization. Search engines are tools for finding articles that will display the results of our search. SEO is arguably the technique of writing articles that aim to make the article be on the first page on search engines.

If your article can be SEO, then how to get money from the internet is in your hands. Do you want to sell articles or create your own blog. Of the many SEO article writers I have met, the price range offered is very diverse.

an average of Rp 5,000 / 300 words,
IDR 10,000 / 500 words,
Rp.15,000 / 700 words and
more than Rp. 25,000 for articles with 1000 words of content.
Opportunities to get money from the internet are used by many women. One of my friends named Ida, he managed to make and sell 280 articles with 500 words per article. And Mbak Ida is able to make money from the internet more than 2 million in a month. Amazingly, writing articles is only her side job.

Very tempting is not it? side jobs can make money from the internet up to 2 million more. One of the important things in making article writing services is honesty. That's what customers are interested in, Honesty in making articles in the sense of not selling articles from copy paste and spin.

The target market for SEO article writer services, By having a target market you will more easily get customers. For an SEO article writer, the sales target that can be used as a destination is Blogger. Why blogger ?.

Bloggers can create their own articles, but there are some bloggers who have a lot of blogs and can't afford to run it alone. Well, bloggers like this become your target to implement how to get money from the internet by writing articles.

How to Get Money from the Internet with Freelance
Freelance is a job that you can do online. Many websites provide media to bring together clients and freelancers. Freelance, which means free worker, can you take as a reference to get money from the internet. Here are the reasons I recommend freelancers as a suitable job for how to get money from the internet.

Freelance can be run side by side
Freelance can get a lot of money from the internet because it has overseas clients.
Freelance does not need to lift heavy loads
But to become a freelancer you must be passionate, especially at the beginning, because at the beginning of your job to create customer trust. by getting a rating bag later other customers will arrive by themselves.

Freelance Workplace Website

And many other freelance websites, please fight for ways to get money from the internet there. Many local freelancers have become successful because of freelance. You can get a payment system through a Paypal account and you can get paid on an hourly or perproject basis.

The most expensive payment at freelance is a website maker, which can reach thousands of dollars in one project. And the fun again is how to get money from the internet on this one you can do anytime you want day or night, except for jobs that are given in the form of pay per hour, which means paid hourly.

That was the article about how to get money from the internet. Hope it helps you who want to make money on the internet or you who want to find a side job by getting money from the internet. Thank you for visiting.

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