How to get money from anonymous ads with good & true, maybe for those of you who are familiar with old bitcoin and an old blogger, are already familiar with anonymous ads / A-Ads.

A Ads Is an advertising site that pays you to use bitcoin, so it is not paid using money. However, bitcoin can be made into money and curated to other coins.

To be able to get bitcoin from A-Ads, you must have a blog that has visitors, because if you don't, you won't get results, you can still get results with a blog that has a little visitor, but it will be long.

Here's How to Get Money from Anonymous Ads Easily 100% Legit and Proven to Pay

Then, how to register on A-Ads. I say, very easy. Because it does not need to be reviewed like Google Adsense, even within 24 hours, the results have entered into our A-Ads dashboard, all types of blogs can place ads from this A-Ads.

Okay, let's just discuss how to register to install ads and also the settings that I applied while joining this A-Ads.

Friends please click Register A-Ads

1. Friends, click Sig Up

2. Fill in all data as usual

3. After all the data is filled properly and correctly

4. Sig in friends according to the gmail that you registered

Next steps Follow the steps below:

1. Select Ad unit type

Then, choose Site because we will put the ad in the blog, select the ad size 300x250 and enter your Blog URL.

2.      Filter Content

.You can check the NSPW, Gambling and Shady or you can sample the image above. Someone must be asking, isn't it, gambling is gambling Why is it checked? Because after I traced the check is an ad that will not appear on our blog, therefore I do not install gambling ads

3.      Set Withdraw Parameters

For the third one you can choose to bitcoin address, take your bitcoin address, then place it in the column.

For the Withdrawal threshold in BTC. You just let it be, it is true that the withdrawal is 0.002 BTC, but we can withdraw it at 0.0002 BTC or around 20,000 satoshi and it will be paid automatically if it has passed the threshold above.

Then after that, you select create Ad unit. Copy the code for installation. You can see the steps below.

How to Install A-Ads on a Blog

Okay, after we have copied the ad code. Then, we put it on the blog sidebar.

1. Open your blogger, if wordpress is the same anyway.

2. Select Layout then Add Gadget after that select HTML / Javascript. Put the ad code there and save it

A-Ads really pays. You can see my proof of Payout below and landing safely in my bitcoin wallet account, the picture below.

If anyone does not understand, please ask by adding a comment below Thank You

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