8 of the latest high paying pay per download (PPD) sites 2019

8 of the latest high paying pay per download (PPD) sites 2019

PPD (Pay Per Download) Site Proven to Pay Expensive is a list of PPD sites that I will share on this occasion for you blog owners or for those of you who don't have a blog can also take advantage of the site list below.

PPD (Pay Per Download) or can also be Paid Per Download is a type of digital advertising that will pay you for every occurrence of an activity to download files in any form that you save on the PPD website.

I give an example to make it easier to understand the system works ...

You upload a song file, software, video, etc. to the PPD site >> then you copy the link to the song and paste the link in the blog or if you don't have a blog you can share it to forums or social media >> If someone clicks on the link and download the file, then you will get a reward in the form of dollars.

But from several sites that I will review below there are some who apply additional commissions if there is a sale that occurs through links originating from your website, the commission size is based on the percentage of sales that occur, or the general language Pay Per Sale (PPS).

Now we go back to our main discussion ...

Per how much will your download be paid for?

You will be paid per 1000 downloads whose value depends on which country the download is from, the smallest value is $ 0.002 per download up to $ 40/1000 downloads.

Here is a list of PPD sites that have been proven to pay for what I got from several sources who have shared proof of payment from the Pay Per Download site

Usercloud is a free file storage and sharing site like Google Drive, but the difference is that if you share files that you store in Usercloud and someone downloads the file, then you will get a reward in the form of dollars.

For the highest rate of $ 25 dollars per 1000 downloads from the United States, Canada, and England, while the rate in Indonesia is $ 5 per 1000 downloads.

  1. Minimum withdrawal of $ 5
  2. Commissions per 1000 downloads $ 5 (Indonesia) and $ 25 (USA, UK and Canada)
  3. Payment methods via Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Payza, perfect money, webmoney, Neteller, and Wire transfer.

Sharecash is a very innovative new generation upload website, where you will receive CASH commissions for every download of files that you upload or upload on the Sharecash site.

For download rates originating from traffic in Indonesia it is not too high, only $ 0.02 for each file downloaded, and the highest comes from USA, Canada, England, Australia and the Netherlands to reach $ 20 per download, so it's no wonder the owners download sites can generate hundreds of dollars per day from Sharecash.

But unfortunately for you publishers in Indonesia to register as a publisher, you must disguise your VPN / proxy, including your home address that must use an address other than the country of Indonesia, because if you register using an IP address originating from Indonesia, then 100% of you will be rejected, or just reviewed.

You can also count the dollar upload as one of the PPD sites that is still legit and has advantages that are almost the same as Sharecash.

Dollar uploads will give commissions ranging from $ 1 to $ 20 more for every single download that occurs, so the potential of $ 1000 per month should be very achievable if you have a download blog with many visitors.

  1. Minimum withdrawal of $ 10
  2. Commissions per 1000 downloads $ 1 - $ 20
  3. Payment method via Paypal

Deposit files have a superior server that is very capable of downloading speed problems, so your blog visitors will feel helped by the speed of downloading files they are downloading from your blog.

For commissions per download, it is also calculated to be somewhat larger, namely $ 0.03 per download with a maximum file of 2 GB.

  1. $ 10 Minimum Payout
  2. Commissions per 1000 downloads are $ 30
  3. Payment method via Paypal, bank transfer, webmoney.

File Factory was founded in 2005 which has the advantage of unlimited file bandwidth, you will be able to upload, receive and send files up to 5 GB with unlimited bandwidth. Suitable for movie download sites which are usually large files.

For the biggest commission with a file size of more than 1GB you will get a commission of $ 40 if your visitors come from USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Whereas if your visitors are from Indonesia, the rate is $ 1 per download.

  1. Minimum withdrawal of $ 100
  2. Pay Per download is $ 40 per download size over 1GB
  3. Method of payment via Bitcoin and Amazon gift card

Daily Uploads will provide space for your files of 244MB, not big enough if your site is based on movie downloads, but always in line with the commission method provided, for 1MB files that are fully downloaded by your website visitors, then you will get $ 16 if visitors You are from USA and UK, while visitors from Indonesia rate per 1000 downloads is $ 1.

  • $ 25 minimum withdrawal
  • Commissions per 1000 downloads $ 1-16 according to the download country
  • Payment methods via Paypal, Skrill and Webmoney

Upload Boy is a PPD site that also offers commissions when sales come from your website traffic, or more familiarly called PPS (Pay Per sale), with commissions of up to 20% per sale. Whereas the PPD commission is $ 30 per 1000 downloads that you can withdraw every week if the minimum payout is fulfilled at the end of the week.

  1. Minimum withdrawal of $ 5 via webmoney and $ 20 via Paypal
  2. Commissions Per 1000 downloads $ 40 (USA and UK) and $ 2 (Indonesia)
  3. Methods of payment via Webmoney and Paypal

Upload Ocean offers a very tempting commission, up to $ 21 per 1000 downloads from the smallest file size of 1KB will still be counted, but again, the commission depends on the download country.

The rate for calculating commissions from Indonesia is $ 2 per 1000 downloads.

  1. Minimum withdrawal of $ 10
  2. Commission per 1000 downloads $ 21 (USA, UK, Canada)
  3. Payment methods via Paypal, Bitcoin, Payza, neteller, webmoney etc.

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