Ebook How To Make Education Game With Construct 2

Ebook How To Make Education Game With Construct 2

Make an educational game with construct 2, with the Construct2 Tool you can create applications based on html 5 or android, in the book the tutorial is taught

1. Basic Tutorial Creating functions to enter and move an object

2. Tutorial using behavior

3. calculation of the score

4. AI

5. Export Project html 5

6. Export cordova projects that are changed to android (APK)

7. Free Templete

8. Tutorial on making Keystore

Hopefully this book is understandable and useful

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Creating an Android Application In just 5 (five) minutes, it is perfect for Admob publisher developers, it doesn't take much time to create an application, the application can be made in just 5 (five) minutes and ready to monetize and publish.
In this book there are various tutorials starting in making games and applications, examples of applications that can be made in the form of web, media, content, and games.

This book also teaches how to:

1. how to make applications and games that are ready to monetize without requiring much time

2. How to become an admob publisher

3. How to create a Google Play account

Hopefully useful and greet the developer success

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