how to download books on google 2019

How to download books on google

Hello friend, thank you for visiting my blog before, on this occasion I will teach you how to download books on Google Play, but beforehand I will explain what books are available on Google 

Many books are available on google books, namely books in the form of 
  • fiction and nonfiction stories, 
  • children's story books, 
  • technology, 
  • religion 
  • etc. 
So that you can read and download books on Google Play books, you must have the first Google Book application specifically for Android, and for PC or computer you don't need to download Google books, just click read, and if the book is free then you can just read it, otherwise if the book is paid then you have to pay the price specified.

Payment methods provided by Google are in the form of  :
  • credit cards, 
  • debit cards, 
  • google play vouchers
  • for Indonesia you can use credit / Topup

you need to know before buying a paid book you first read the free sample, so as not to regret buying the book, for the percentage you can see the free sample is 20%, if you are curious or interested in the book then you just click buy at the specified price

Thank you look my blog

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