How To Monetize a Instagram 2019 free dollar

How To Monetize a Instagram 2019 free dollar

Social media platform Instagram has just launched their latest application, IGTV. Applications that can be accessed from a separate platform, as well as from an Instagram account are predicted to be able to shift the dominance of Youtube.

As reported by Engadget, Instagram is a simple photo sharing application when it was launched in 2010. But Instagram began to grow big since 2013, when users began to be able to download short videos.

Now, with the launch of IGTV, Instagram goes further to present a platform for its users to share videos with longer duration. But IGTV presents a video display in vertical form, with a duration of up to one hour.

Unlike Youtube, IGTV does not provide video monetization programs. But CEO Kevin Systrom said it could be implemented later on as IGTV develops.

"We didn't start there (video monetization). Because we only want to give users an exciting new experience," said Ashley Yuki, Instagram Product Manager.

The decision not to present a monetization program since the initial launch was considered to have made IGTV lose the opportunity to become a major threat to Youtube, since its first day.

This is because there is indeed a great opportunity to shift the dominance of Youtube, after Google's biggest video platform has renewed its rules for Youtubers. This has made Youtube content creators difficult to get advertising revenue, and are looking for new video-based social media alternatives.

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Although there is no monetization program, IGTV can still be a place for content creators to earn money. The trick is to create sponsored video content.As reported by Engadget, Youtuber Elly Awesome said that the absence of a monetization program on IGTV was not a problem. Precisely producing through this brand-new platform can be done with the strategy of product placement in the video. Including also conducting paid product reviews.Elly said, with the vertical nature of video that IGTV has, it is judged to be able to attract the attention of its followers on Youtube. "I see IGTV can do what Vine did. And this can be a great platform," he said.But of course, according to him, ad-based income has become an industry in the development of the digital world. He considered, it makes sense if in its development IGTV will also implement similar things like Youtube.Ashley Yuki, Instagram Product Manager added that this was a misunderstanding for Instagram. "We are committed to ensuring that content creators can generate income from here. Because for most of them, it is their full-time work," he said. ***

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