Tutorial How to monetize a popcash 2019 free dollar

Tutorial How to monetize a popcash 2019 free dollar

PopCash is one program CPM (Cost Per Million) is one program where you will be paid per display or you will be paid per thousand views, so the CPM program is very suitable for blogs with lots of traffic.
CPM Popcash is perfect for those of you who have a website with large traffic. CPM is also more effective than PPC because automatically without being clicked will automatically add balance. Actually there are many cpm sites like this popcash (advertisement pop up). However, I will explain why I chose PopCash
  • Low payout: Yes the payout is relatively low at $ 10 and $ 5 deposit
  • Expensive income: 1000x appear you can be paid 8 $ – 10 $
  • Does not make visitors run away: Popcash only appears 1 to 2 times per IP. And even then it appears in a new browser so it doesn’t bother visitors
here’s how to register popcash :

  • Full Name: Fill in your full name
  • Username: Fill in the username you want
  • Your Email: Fill in your email address
  • Confirm Email: Fill in your email address again
  • Password: Enter the password to enter Popcash later
  • Password Confirm: Fill in again with your password beforehand
  • Phone: Fill in your phone number, it is also fine
  • Country: Fill in your country, just choose Indonesia
  • IM Network: Fill with IM if you have one, if not just empty it
  • IM ID: If you previously filled in the IM Network, fill in your IM account id, if not just leave it blank
  • Click Recaptha then Check “I have read and agree with the terms and conditions”
  • Click Registed
Then a picture will appear that you have successfully registered at PopCash

Login your account Popcash
Add a blog/website to Popcash and monetize
  1. Log in to Popcash
  2. Select Publisher menu -> Website -> Add Website
  3. Add your blog / website, select the category and then click Add Website
  4. Wait for your Blog / Website to be confirmed. Usually 2-3 hours. You will be sent an email for whether or not the status is accepted
  5. If so, log in again to the Popcash Dashboard
  6. Select Publisher menu then select Website
  7. Select the blog / website that you want to install the popcash code then click Get Code
  • Enter the Popcash code into the Blog
  1. Log in to blogger.com then select the template
  2. Click Edit HTML
  3. Search for Code
  4. Place your Popcash code just above the code
  5. Finish!
Ok, here’s how to register and get money through PopCash. You can pay the balance if it has reached 10 $. Payment methods can be through PayPal, Payza and Paxum. Ok, so many of me have survived making money.

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