Tutorial How to Monetize Youtube 2019 Free dollar

How to Monetize Youtube 2019 Free Dollar 

How to Activate Youtube Monetize Videos – This time the Onwap Blog will share a tutorial on how you can get money
from youtube. How can? The point here is that it’s the same as a blog, we create content, but the content here is video.
You must have watched videos on YouTube, at the beginning of the video there was a video ad that could be skipped in 5 seconds, or a banner ad on
video section, it is advertising. To monetize, we can use networks owned by Google (Adsense) or third parties.
What needs to be remembered here, use original content instead of taking someone else’s, because it will eventually be exposed to copright
and the account is deleted and you will never be paid.
Next I will share the key to success playing youtube:
  • Make unique content
  • Make original content
Only the two keys, the higher the creativity of your bag, the better the quality of the video you produce, it will
invite viewers to subscribe to your channel (subscription), so it will save on promotions. Hehehe…
Terms that must be met to become a youtube partner or in order to monetize youtube videos must meet the following conditions
for new channels:

  • Meets 4000 hours of video impressions
  • Has 1000 subscribers
  • Only 30 days are given to achieve these goals, otherwise the channel will not be monetized
In my own view, the regulation was implemented to protect creative creators (not reupladers) from being able to continue
consistently getting viewers who have lately lost to reuploaders. However, on the other hand for the long term youtube
It seems like only wants to pay quality channels and is serious about implementing the policy.
Still fresh in memory, a few years ago when I started plunging on youtube, monetizing videos was quite easy, not as complicated as now.
Then after the boom that could get money from YouTube, many people were busy making youtube a search field
money from adsense.
Everything is halted, the goal is certainly views that have an impact on increasing the amount of revenue from google adsense. The highlight of the problem happened in the middle of 2017, where Google implemented the latest policy that the newly created channel must be able to meet 10,000
views before you can monetize a video or become a youtube partner due to many advertisers who withdraw from YouTube because of loss from
hoax content that is increasingly prevalent.
With the latest policy, it is quite difficult for new creators who are truly familiar with the world per year. Then with
This latest policy that will be implemented starting February 20, 2018 is getting harder for new channels to become YouTube
Okay, go directly to step by step just how to activate youtube monetization:
  • You must have a Gmail account, don’t have one? please read in my previous article about How to Easily Create an Account
    Youtube and its benefits.
  • Then register on youtube, can be read in my previous article about How to Easily Make a Youtube Account And
    The benefits.
  • After you have finished registering and creating a channel, please download your video, you can tutorial on uploading videos
    see here!
  • If you have, you go to https://www.youtube.com/account_monetization
  • Follow step by step until it’s finished, wait for the confirmation email that your YouTube monetization is active, usually
    not up to 2×24 hours.
  • Don’t forget to associate with adsense, for the url form enter your channel url
  • Then fill in the complete data such as full name, address, cellphone number etc.
  • If it is active, please enter the video editor -> select the video that you want the ad to appear -> click monetization ->
    check everything -> done.
  • If there is a green dollar image your video is ready to monetize
  • Your last step is to promote your video url to be seen by many people
A few tips from me:
  • Make videos related to trends
  • Enter keywords in the title, description and tags (for YouTube)
  • Try videos that are uploaded more than 3 minutes, the longer the video duration, the more ads appear
  • Take advantage of social media to promote your videos like (fb, twitter, etc.)
Hopefully useful, please write criticisms and suggestions in the comments column for the progress of this blog, if it feels useful, don’t
feel free to share this article.
Wassalamualaikum wr. wb

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