Tips & tricks These are the themes of blogs that are often and easily accepted by the latest Google Adsense 2019

Tips & tricks These are the themes of blogs that are often and easily accepted by the latest Google Adsense 2019

Most people start at will. Sometimes you don't understand, haven't read about the Google AdSense TOS and various kinds of suggestions from Google. They glance and immediately create a blog to register. In fact, the type of blog and the content discussed will greatly influence whether it is accepted or rejected by Google Adsense. Following this I would like to give a suggestion in the form of

Terms To be accepted by Google Adsense full approve at this time is indeed a bit difficult and tight. Because we know a lot of adsense bug accounts that are made by tricking Google Adsense very tightly selecting blogs that are considered feasible or not becoming publishers.

For those of you who have been rejected even many times have you ever thought of creating a new blog with a theme that is suitable for advertisers?

Because later the ads that air will be in accordance with the article posts and even blogs with the niche that you created. Other advantages of relevant ads like this will add a very large click value
According to my experience, which has been researching throughout 2015 to 2019, here are the themes of the blog that Google Adsense likes the most and is certainly easy to accept

  • Theme education

theme education such as the latest information about education, educational application tutorials, teacher allowance information. considered suitable for AdSense because it targets specific readers in large numbers but not many understand Google AdSense.

  • Niche archives of letters, proposals, theses, etc.

Based on personal experience, theme archives such as letters, proposals, theses, thesis examples, etc. are good enough for AdSense.

  • theme tourism and traveling

Theme tourism and traveling are sought after by internet users because tourist content can be consumed by general readers. with the best design templates for AdSense, travel niches will bring enough ad clicks.

  • Theme health

Health niches mostly contain perpetual keywords whose information is needed by everyone. Therefore, health blogs will not experience significant fluctuations. Readers are not too familiar with AdSense.

  • Theme Gadgets

Blogs that discuss gadgets have fanatical visitors. The advancement of smartphone technology continues to grow rapidly, the information will always be sought by users. Most of them are still familiar with Google AdSense. So theme gadgets can be the best choice for AdSense.

  • Theme Tutorial

 Re-train your hobby to really master, Make it a tutorial, Why do I suggest making a tutorial from a hobby? Because if it has become a hobby, automatically it can be done easily by each of us.
As a small example, make Photoshop Tutorials, Programming Tutorials, Computer Tutorials, etc.

Thanks you for look my blog

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