Tutorial How Make Money Online With Google Adsense Trick 2019

Tutorial How Make Money Online With Google Adsense Trick 2019 

Are you still confused about getting money in this sophisticated era? You should no longer need to feel confused in earning income. One of the many choices that can get money is by creating a website or blog.

Of course by creating a website or blog does not directly make you get money. For those of you who want to pursue a blog or website, then you have to pay attention to the content that you make. You must create quality content and build closeness with readers. Because in the strategy of the website or blog by having visitors it will provide a lot of income, but not only with many visitors who will get money.

In order for your blog or website to make money, you must register your website or blog to Google Adsense. With Google Adsense, you can make money from your online content. Maybe for some people, already know about Google Adsense and use it on their website or blog. However, there are also people who don't know Google Adsense.

So, what is Adsense?

Adsense is one of the online advertising programs owned by Google Incorporation. This online advertising program offers every individual who has a website or blog to display Adsense ads on their website or blog and if there are visitors who click on the Adsense ad, the website / blog owner will earn money or commission money.

Then how do you use Google Adsense to get money? By registering it first, you can already use Google Adsense.

How to Register Google Adsense, among others

First of all the thing you have to do is to go to the AdSense Registration page, after that, you will see the option to create a new Google account, or you can choose to use the Google account that you already have. It is highly recommended if you should register your Adsense account using an email address from the domain of your website or blog. But if not, then just use the gmail address that you currently have.

How to use Adsense to get money

Furthermore, if you have a gmail e-mail account then all you have to do is just click Sign In, but if you don't have a gmail account then click Create Account.

After everything is filled in correctly and completely then the display will appear as below.

On this page, you are asked to enter the URL of your website or blog and choose the language that matches the contents of your website or blog. And if your website or blog is relatively simple because all content is Indonesian.
On that page, you are asked to fill in your personal profile data that has been provided on the registration page. You must fill in all sections of the column that have been provided correctly and do not let any of the columns be missed, if all are filled click the Send my request button.
If you have sent a request to Google, then the thing you have to do next is to check your email, because you will be given a notification via email whose contents are that your application has been sent and is still in the approval stage. In this stage you are asked to wait, because Google is researching and reviewing your blog or website manually or is not paired with Adsense and the research process can take 1-7 days.
During the review process, you are strongly advised to make posts and keep the quality of your website or blog as usual.
If Google AdSense has approved your application, then you have been able to enter your AdSense account, at this stage your Adsense account is not fully accepted, because you have to try to place ads on your blog or website first then you will be asked to create an ad prime.
It is highly recommended if you make an ad with the size recommended by Adsense, make sure it also matches the size of the space available on your blog or website, and don't forget to keep the ad code in a safe position and most importantly it doesn't violate the rules.
If you have installed AdSense ads on your blog or website, usually your ad does not appear that appears only white, and still counts how many times the display appears on your website or blog. Times like this usually take only a few days, you can wait 1-7 days, while occasionally you see AdSense ads, because your ad may have changed. Signs that appear when there is a change usually with the emergence of advertisements that have begun to appear on blogs or websites, and the status of ads has changed to active and income has begun to increase. If your application is still not accepted, all you need to do is to improve your data according to the email sent by Google, and repeat the steps above.
After you have reached a nominal income of $ 10, then Google will provide information to you that will send a PIN to your home according to the address you have registered, the PIN that comes is usually in the form of a letter, if it still does not come within a specified time , then you need to check it to the post office, and if it still doesn't exist, you can apply for a PIN again, and Google gives 3 times the chance to request a PIN.
If your Google adsense PIN has arrived, then you only need to enter the PIN column provided on the AdSense Account Page. If your income has reached a nominal value of $ 100, you can withdraw the money via Check, Western Union or Bank Transfer.
Well that's how to register for Google Adsense. Certainly not too difficult right. By using Google Adsense correctly and correctly, you will also get the results. Good luck. May be useful.

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