Tutorial How to Find High Paying Adsense Keywords to Increase CPC 2019

Tutorial How to Find High Paying Adsense Keywords to Increase CPC 2019

High Paying Adsense Keyword is a keyword that has a high CPC (Cost Per Click) paid by an advister. Usually the keywords that have a high CPC contested by many bloggers in general, keywords that contain high paying keywords have high competition or competition, but that does not mean that because of the high competition there is no opportunity for novice bloggers to get keywords that have a High Paying Keyword.

For those who are experts in blogger, of course they are able to fight for the keywords High Paying Keyword Adsense so that they are able to earn quite a lot of income from google adsense.

Actually the price per click on Google Adsense ads is the secret of Google, but it is now wide open opportunity for publishers to analyze high paying keywords, Google Adsense so that when doing keyword research can find keywords that have expensive click prices.

2 Tool For Finding High Paying Adsense Keywords

Usually I often use two tools to analyze keywords that have high paying keywords using Google Adword and Ubersuggest. Both of these tools are quite effective we use because they can display organic search volume every month, CPC every month, and can display competition keyword / keyword row.

Indeed, there are still other tools that can be used to analyze high paying keywords, but I only provide ways to find high paying keywords adnsese by using two tools, namely ubersuggest and google keyword planner or google adword.

1. Looking for a High Paying Keyword Using Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a tool used to analyze keywords, this tool is very effective to use because it can display a variety of relevant keywords complete with search volume, Cost Per Click each keyword and can display keyword competition. To use ubersuggest there is no need to register and log in, just visit the site and type in the keywords we want to analyze

In 2018 the Ubersuggest tool underwent a system change and this change was more perfect than the previous ubersuggest system. I use this ubersuggest tool often because it is not complicated and can display keyword relevance, especially analyzing LSI keywords.

How to find out the high paying keyowrd using ubersuggest with the following steps:

1. Open the ubersuggest site

2. The site will open

3. Type the keyword you want to search for in the city enter in a keyword or phrase.

4. Select the web in the city web

5. Select the country of Indonesia

6. Click look up will see a row of keywords by displaying a monthly volume search, CPC

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