Tutorial How to monetize video Facebook Ads 2019 free dollar

Tutorial How to monetize video Facebook Ads 2019 free dollar

monetisasi halaman facebook 2019

Make Money on Facebook by Uploading Videos on FB Creator 2019
Written by Adi Gunawan · Monday, December 03 2018 · 6 Comments · Ad Network · Facebook
On this occasion Monetize-dollar.blogspot.com will review the "Ad Network" with the article title "Make Money on Facebook by Uploading Videos on FB Creator 2019".

Make Money on your Facebook Video by Joining Facebook Creator (Video Maker), currently the FB Creator advertising feature is available for users in Indonesia. You will automatically be able to advertise on fb / facebook videos on the fanspage page by activating / activating facebook creator in your account.

What is Facebook Creator?
The newest Facebook feature is now starting to compete with YouTube, this feature can help video creators to make money like YouTube which is supported by Google Adsense. For creator facebook, management of ad breaks advertising can be done on the studio creator page.

Facebook's social media platform is now increasingly serious in running the advertising business, in Indonesia there is a creator facebook feature available, where high-quality video content owners can monetize their videos and generate dollars from Facebook. Facebook for Creators is now available for those of you who like to make videos. Below is a way to monetize Facebook that you can learn.

Guide to Indonesian FB Creator, Make Money on Facebook
Below is a complete guide on how to register for Facebook Creator Indonesia for beginners, to be able to join Facebook Creator or video creator on Facebook, make sure you meet the requirements and conditions that I have included below

How to make money with the monetization feature on Facebook creator account is now trending topics among publishers of advertising, especially in Indonesia - Because only by joining Facebook creator and having a Facebook page you can already make money on Facebook, currently FB Creator advertising features are available for users in Indonesia. You can automatically place ads on Facebook videos on the fanspage page by activating / activating Facebook Creator in your account.

Terms and Conditions for Creator FB
To make money with video content on Facebook Creator, you must fulfill the applicable terms and conditions that have been written by Facebook on the following page: Facebook Creator Requirements

After conducting a due diligence to be able to install fb creator ads on your fanspage, the next stage if your fanspage is approved is to activate the ads on the videos that you have uploaded with a duration of more than 3 minutes.

Ad Placement Option FB Creator
Automatic fb ad placement (videos over 3 minutes and under 4 minutes, and live streaming videos on facebook gaming.
Manual fb ad placement (videos over 4 minutes long, can advertise every 2 minutes).

How to Monetize Facebook Videos
There are 2 options to monetize your Facebook page with FB creators, namely Facebook Creator and Facebook Gaming. Both can be managed on the Creator Studio page, which distinguishes only the content, where Facebook Gaming is specifically for uploading video games, live streaming games, and facebook video games. The above method is a guide for Facebook Creator, look forward to the next article to guide making money by playing games on the Facebook Gaming feature. 
That is all and thank you.

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