Tutorial on How to Make Android Applications and Monitize with Mining 2019

Tutorial on How to Make Android Applications and Monitize with Mining 2019

On this occasion I will share Tutorials on How to Create Android Applications and Monitize with Mining ??? interesting right ??? let's look carefully with AppsGeyser

Appsgeyser is an online website that provides a variety of services to create android applications from the Web, Content, Media, Tools and Games, if for monetization, I usually usually choose the Web to create a Webview, how come Webview ???

well the easy way is just to use Webview by selecting it in the Web section and selecting Browser (select the globe image)

by selecting the browser you were told to enter the URL of your website that you want to use as Webivew, and of course your website has been installed by the mining script that was explained in the previous tutorial. just build the application and be Webview, and have installed automining, in AppsGeyser you can also install admit monitize if you want extra income from ads just a suggestion, depending on your own mindset, if my mindset, I better not to use ads Why? yes, if you use ads, of course, users do not like it because ads block the screen, so my opinion.

Now that's an explanation of how to create an android application and monitize it with mining easily, with AppsGeyser, it's only for those of you who don't know the program or don't understand the language of the program. the rest depends on you varying and modifying your own application if you understand the program.

Different again with me: v If I make a mining and monitize mining application ??? : v How can you make mining applications ??? and even I want to develop want to make which in it is Gambling, and Hyip: v

Visit my mining link Doge Reward why do I make mining ?? of course I pay that person to use to increase users using my application and of course people who use my application, I pay with Dogecoin rewards, what do I get ?? got XMR, so that it's easy to understand I demonstrated the application in the Play Store that is a pulse-producing application, now they dare to pay credit rewards, but they get money from ads. a little deviated hehehe ........

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