Tutorial Monetize with Mining 2019

Tutorial Monetize with Mining 2019

On this occasion I will explain how to monitize by mining which can be installed by mining scripts on blogs and mobile applications. prior to further explanation it's good to understand what is mining ???


Mining or mining For crypto-based digital currencies such as Bitcoin, XMR, DASH, and others, every transaction needs to be processed, validated so that it is valid and checks the correct amount and other information, this process is carried out by thousands of computers scattered throughout world, this process can be called MINING, and the computer or person who carries out this is called MINER or a miner, who is paid a certain amount of coin for his work. To become a Miner, you need a computer or a special tool that can process transaction data. the parable could be like a bank processing customer and employee transactions given a salary to do it.

Well, do you already know about mining? The bottom line is that you are mining with a piece of hardware, then you are paid with a coin. At this time the price of coin crypto is increasing, which used to be BTC for 3 million, now it's around 100 million. RUPIAH

Okay continue to discuss how to monitize a blog or mobile application, can we use coinhive ???

What are the advantages of monitize with mining on blogs or mobile applications compared to ads ????
if you monitize with ads what else ads have Google wrong a little banned, even many who have almost the balance want to be at the right threshold already want PO ehh know about banned as a result ZONK very sorry: v if monitize with mining will not be banned
 monitize with mining can easily be installed on a blog or mobile just copy and paste the script
does not require CPM, CPC etc. like ads
there is no such thing as BOOM Click, yes, BOOM click is only in ads: v


Coin Hive is a website that provides facilities to mine monero via javascript, the balance we get from mining will be accommodated here before being transferred to our monero wallet. Javascript can be placed on your website, so you can use the browser and CPU of people who visit the website to XMR is added. The aim of coinhive is basically to monetize the website as an alternative to Ads. But for bro who does not have a website, you can also do mining by saving the file with the format. Html.

For Register coinhive.com
Please complete and verify, I'm sure you can only verify email.
If it is already registered and verification proceed to the next step, which is to go to the document / documentation page

  • Click Java Script Miner

    Explanation of JavaScript Miners
    Active JavaScript Miner allows you to embed Monero miners directly on your website. The miner itself does not come with a User Interface - it's your responsibility to tell your users what is happening and to provide statistics on the hash that is mined.

    If you want a user interface that is ready to use and easy to embed, see the Simple Miner UI.

    While it is possible to run a miner without informing your users, we strongly recommend against doing this. You know this. The long-term goodwill of your users is far more important than the short-term benefits.

    You can credit finding the hash to your username or letting it run anonymously. Miners run until you stop it again or the user navigates. You can also credit the hash to a random token and the miner will automatically stop when it reaches the specified hash number.

    See the HTTP API documentation on how to get balance for usernames (number of hashes received) and pull back, and how to verify tokens.

    Then the Script to mine below
  • < script src = "https://authedmine.com/lib/authedmine.min.js" > < / script > 
    < script > 
     var penambang =  CoinHive baru . Anonymous ( 'YOUR_SITE_KEY' ,  { throttle :  0 . 3 });
     // Hanya memulai pada perangkat non-seluler dan jika tidak memilih keluar 
     // dalam 14400 detik terakhir (4 jam): 
     jika  (! Penambang . IsMobile ()  &&  ! Penambang . DidOptOut ( 14400 ))  { 
      penambang . start (); 
    </ script >
  • In the Script YOUR_SITE_KEY section is replaced with the SITE KEY that you have
  • Then how to make SITE KEY on Coinhive ????
  • From the following image can be seen in the Site & API Key section to make it just click create
  • After that, what you used on YOUR SITE KEY was your own PUBLIC SITE KEY and put it on the script
  • The script itself can be installed on a website or mobile application
  • Then to be able to accommodate and withdraw mining results on coinhives you must have an XMR wallet, to create an XMR wallet please register at Binance
  • After registering at the binance, complete your data and verify the KTP fill in your complete data correctly
  • Then also arrange to coinhive the payment so that XMR if it reaches 0.5 XMR or already on the payment threshold can be sent to the XMR wallet that you made earlier in bination

  • The way to go to the Settings / settings then fill in Monero Payment Address (XMR) that you can from the binance then click save
  • Then how to look for XMR Address after you register in the binance earlier
  • Namely by going to the Funds section and selecting Deposit

  • Then look for the address by searching for the name XMR (Monero) then you copy the XMR address and paste it into the coinhave in the payment section

    If there are people who don't understand or don't understand, please ask in the comments section, thank you

    May be useful

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