3 shortlinks proven to pay 2019

3 shortlinks proven to pay 2019

1).shortlink surls,co


Surls, co. is one of the shortlinks originating from Arab countries, bro: D basically the surls are not local shortlinks, so there is no method of paying for credit, surely, it's good.

well for the Indonesian state cpm itself is quite high huh
the highest cpm is in the united kingdom / 12 $

cpm indonesia / 4.5 $
cool !!

then for the payment method itself, namely via: paypal, bank transfer, FDC, etc. or you can see it on my account here.


     for the second one of the outer shortlinks, bro, the name money4link is indeed very many users, and thank God until now it is still legit, and I have 4x po of this shortlink, you can see the payment proof or proof of withdrawal from this site in the previous post.

  • for cpm indonesia this shortlink site includes very high cpm which is 6.5 $
  • minimum withdrawal is only 0.5 $
  • 20% earnings referral
  • if my friends want to try it too, immediately sign up to money4link.net


The last one here is to give a bit-go win, shortlink, web shortlink from the outside money producer also if I'm not mistaken from Germany

This shortlink used to be one of my fields that hunted dollars because of its very high cpm which at that time reached 10 $ cpm indo

     But due to the act of some indo players who use vpn, it will be detective and Indo cpm when it is directly ignored by the admission. And also at that time all withdrawals originating from Indonesia were frozen, so I was disappointed, and I immediately contacted him, there were also many friends from Indonesia who didn't all use shortlinks, and what about players who play in accordance with the rules, after a while even the admission just opened up another opportunity for users from Indonesia,

And now the cpm is reduced from 10 $ to 5 $
for the 10% refferer
minimum withdrawal / min wd = paypal 1 $
wd every day

well that's some of the mimin angap shortlinks that are still 100% legit, you can also see some videos on my channel that discuss about the number of shortlinks

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  5. Cari barang berkualitas dengan harga terjangkau . kini kami hadir dengan produk terbaru
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