10 Most Popular Cheat Game Android

10 Most Popular Cheat Game Android Application Collection in 2019, Are You Sure to Try?

When talking about Android games, certainly will not be separated from the hands of "ignorant" who try to outsmart. Including through a number of cheat applications.

This Android game cheat application is not just for offline games. But there are also a number of popular online game cheats, such as Mobile Legends, Free Fire, to the Chess Rush.

Do you want to know what are the most popular game hacking applications today? Let's see the full review of Jaka below, gang.

Most Popular Cheat Game Android Application Collection (Update 2019)
This cheat game will basically modify a number of elements in it, such as making unlimited coins, making invulnerable characters, unlocking locked items, and so on.

Usually to use it, you need a little knowledge of Android. Because not infrequently some game cheat applications require root access to use it.

Not only through Jaka game hacking applications, there are also other cheating events using MOD APK that has been modified by hackers.

Users just have to install the application and the cheat will automatically be applied. This is arguably the easiest way most common users use, gangs.

Here are some of the most popular Android cheat applications, maybe some of them are currently not working. Are you sure you still want to try?

1. HackerBot APK

Aplikasi Cheat Hackerbot C1ea8

First there is HackerBot APK which is basically not an Android cheat application, but rather a place to find mod games from trusted sites.

Take it easy, every application or game mod provided by HackerBot APK can generally work well, even on devices without root.

In addition, HackerBot will also provide a Custom Search Engine feature so you can find mods more easily and accurately.

HackerBot APK features:

  • Has a search engine feature to search for mod applications / games on the internet.
  • Can be downloaded for free.
  • Only recommend trusted sites to download mod files (free of ads and malware).

2. Freedom APK

Aplikasi Cheat Semua Game Freedom C14a1

The next game cheat application is Freedom APK which is the most popular, easiest and best mod application. Unfortunately here you need root access.

This Freedom APK allows you to purchase items available at the game store for free without requiring server authentication.

In other words, you can make all items free both on Android games offline and online.

Freedom APK features:

  • Can purchase paid items in the application for free.
  • Compatible with a number of popular Android applications and games.

3. Creehack

Aplikasi Hack Game Creehack 87eb6

Then there is Creehack which is widely used to get items for free. This game hack application is very easy to use without the need for many complicated conditions, gang.

Moreover Creehack can be used without the need for root access on the device. Here you can simply download, install, and run Creehack to start shopping for favorite items.

Unfortunately this application only works in offline games. It may also be that the online game application does not work and there is a risk of being banned on the account you are using.

Creehack Features:

  • Can make free purchases in game applications, especially games without the internet.
  • Works by becoming an emulator for payment methods through Google Play.

4. Lucky Patcher (Root & No Root)

Cheat Game Lucky Patcher 06100

Who does not know this mod game application? Lucky Patcher is the most popular by many users, especially it can be used without the need to root the device.

Although there are also some features that can only be used on rooted devices. Basically, Lucky Patcher will patching the Android game.

Here you can easily convert paid or trial applications into full versions. Unfortunately Lucky Patcher only works on a few games.

If the application or game gets updated, then the patched application cannot fully work again, gang.

Lucky Patcher Features:

  • Make mod applications or games easily and quickly.
  • Patch Ads feature to eliminate the appearance of ads in the Android application.
  • Purchase Emulation feature to make a paid and trial application a full version.

5. MacroDroid

Aplikasi Cheat Game Macrodroid D305a

Then there is the MacroDroid application which is quite safe from the risk of banned game accounts.

Here you will only create a bot that works automatically and effectively, for example to tap on the screen constantly.

So you don't need to stare at the smartphone screen for long. Just leave and the game will play automatically. It's easy, right?

MacroDroid Features:

  • Perform automatic commands, for example to tap or swipe the screen automatically.
  • Safe from the risk of account banned, because it does not do anything suspicious on the server.

6. Game Guardian (Most popular)

Aplikasi Mod Game Guardian Bbe10

Besides Lucky Patcher, the Game Guardian hack application is arguably the most popular lately.

In this application, you can edit the number of coins to be unlimited or unlock unlockable items for free.

Although you can download it for free, unfortunately the Game Guardian application is quite complicated to use.

Because at least you have to understand the script with the programming language in it and root access to operate it.

Game Guardian Features:

  • The user interface is easy to understand even though it must have a special understanding of programming languages.
  • Can work well on online games and offline games.

7. Xmod Games

Cheat Game Online Terbaik Xmod Games 73e9d

For the players of the game Clash of Clans (COC) maybe you are familiar with this one game hack application.

Xmod Games is a cheat application that is quite popular for some games other than COC, for example Minecraft Pocket Edition, Clash of King, Agar.io, Subway Surfers, and others.

When you run Xmod Games and play games, this application will automatically present mods and other settings that you can use.

To use Xmod Games, you need root access first. Oh yeah, don't use Xmod Games when playing online because of the risk of being banned, gang.

Xmod Games Features:

  • Automatic scanning to find mods and settings in the game.
  • Has a variety of settings for different games to date.
  • Easy operating system for ordinary users.

8. Cheat Engine

Download Cheat Semua Game Cheat Engine 04a45

Not only on PC and laptop platforms, you can also use Cheat Engine on Android smartphone devices especially those that have root access opened.

Cheat Engine will automatically do the scanning and you just need to change the value (value) such as coins and experience as you wish.

You could say that almost all of the features of Cheat Engine PC are present on the Android version. Of course this game cheat application is one of the best so far.

Cheat Engine Features:

  • Quickly scan to find parts of the game that can be modified (mod).
  • Change values ​​easily to increase coins and experience.
  • Tutorial that is interactive and easy to understand.

9. SB Game Hacker

Apk Cheat Sb Game Hacker 2b8c7

SB Game Hacker in general has a function like Cheat Engine that can change the values ​​in a game.

Initially SB Game Hacker was present in Mandarin, but now it has been translated into English so you can easily operate it.

SB Game Hacker can be used on no root Android devices, though some features can only be accessed if your Android phone is rooted, gang.

SB Game Hacker Features:

  • Supports many languages, namely English and Mandarin.
  • Perform automatic and encrypted scanning in the game.
  • Very easy for beginners to use.

10. Cit Pekalongan (Legendary)

Cheat Apk Cit Pekalongan E3269

Finally, the application of this game is definitely familiar to you Point Blank aka PB game players?

Cit Pekalongan now also reaches mobile gamers by presenting popular Android game cheats, such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, to Chess Rush.

You can do various cheats, such as wallhacks, aimbot, Jaka has also discussed a number of risks in using Pekalongan Cit that you can read, gang.

Cit Pekalongan Features:

  • Support for some popular PC and Android games, such as PUBG, Free Fire, and Chess Rush.
  • Always update the cheat every time the game updates.

The final word
Well, that's him a collection of Android game cheat applications that you can use both with root access and without root.

Keep in mind, the above method is quite risky especially in multiplayer online games.

For those of you who want to keep downloading and using it, Jaka reminds you to use it again and know the risks. Do with your own risk!

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