7 Beautiful K-Pop Singers who Are Turning Into Drama Players | Already Already?

7 Beautiful K-Pop Singers who Are Turning Into Drama Players | Already Already?

Starting his role in the entertainment world of South Korea as a K-Pop singer, certainly the singing and dancing talents of these K-Pop idols did not succeed in questioning anymore.

Not just entertaining on stage, even not a few K-Pop idols who have acting talent, you know.

While thanks to their acting talents, they are now appearing in various Korean drama titles and acting with a number of other senior drama players.

K-Pop singer who is now a Drama Player
Not only double acting as a Korean drama player, even some of these K-Pop stars are also often lined up as the main character you know.

Do you want to know who are the beautiful K-Pop singers who moved to become Korean drama players? Come, see the full article below.

1. Suzy 'Miss A'

Suzy Miss A 5df17

Debuting as a member of the girl group Miss A in 2010, now Suzy has become one of the K-Pop stars who moved to become a drama player.

Despite being a K-Pop idol that is hated by many people, but who would have thought that Suzy actually managed to achieve success in the Korean drama industry.

In fact, the latest Korean drama titled Vagabond, which starred with Lee Seung Gi, managed to achieve a fairly high average rating in the last episode last November.

Not only had he filled roles in a number of Korean drama titles, Suzy had also been involved in several well-known Korean movie titles.

2. Seohyun 'SNSD'

Seohyun SNSD 45db9

Deciding not to renew his contract with the SM Entertainment agency that houses his girl group, Seohyun apparently chose to expand his work in the South Korean entertainment industry as a Korean drama player.

Seohyun himself began his acting career as a supporting player in the romantic Korean drama titled Passionate Love which aired in 2013 ago.

Interestingly, the acting talent possessed by Seohyun even managed to make himself won the 'Special Acting Award' at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards event, you know, gang.

In addition, Seohyun also played in one Korean film titled So I Married An Anti-fan.

3. Krystal 'f(x)'
Krystal F X 0cbf1
Being the only member of the girl group f (x) who is still under contract with SM Entertainment, Krystal's name in the Korean drama industry began to be taken into account when she played in one of the popular romantic comedy dramas entitled The Heirs in 2013 ago.
In fact, the chemistry he built with Kang Min Hyuk, who was his co-star, won them the 'Best Couple Award'.
Until now, Krystal herself has been quite often involved in several Korean drama titles. One of the most recent is the drama Graduation Season which aired in 2017.
4. Yoona 'SNSD'
Yoona SNSD F92a1
Not only with a beautiful face, Yoona apparently proved her acting talent by starring in a number of Korean drama titles.
The first Korean drama he starred in, You Are My Destiny, even managed to win several prestigious awards, including the category of the best newcomer actress at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.
Successfully building a successful career in the Korean drama industry, Yoona has also been lined up to play one of the most controversial and popular Korean dramas entitled The K2
5. Sulli 'f (x)'

Sulli F X E83cb
Remember one of the K-Pop idol suicides that killed Sulli? After deciding to leave the f (x) girl group who had raised his name, Sulli continued her career as a Korean drama player.
Some Korean drama titles that have starred by Sulli herself are Ballad of Seodong, Vacation, and To the Beautiful You.
Not only that, Sulli's face also appeared quite frequently in a number of Korean movie titles. One of them is the film titled Real which was his last work before Sulli committed suicide last October.
6. Sooyoung 'SNSD'
Sooyoung Snsd 26b93
Not only known as a singer, model, or just a host, Sooyooung is also one of the SNSD girlband members besides Yoona who participated in expanding her wings as a Korean drama player.
Sooyoung debuted by playing a supporting role in a Korean drama titled Unstoppable Mariage which aired in 2018.
After that, Sooyoung began playing in several other Korean drama titles such as My Spring Days, Perfect Sense, and many more.
However, his appearance in the drama titled The 3rd Hospital as Lee Eui Jin became one of the most iconic because he managed to win a number of awards.
7. Nam Ji Hyun '4Minute'
Nam Ji Hyun 4Minute E3199
The next K-Pop singer who also moved to become a Korean drama player is a member of 4Minute girl group, Nam Ji Hyun or commonly known as Ji hyun.

K-Pop stars who have experienced this embarrassing event have even starred in quite a lot of Korean drama titles such as Love and War 2, Love Cells, and many more.
Not long ago Ji Hyun also reportedly will play in one of the Korean Sci-Fi films titled Alien and will compete acting with actor Kim Woo Bin.
However, the rumor was denied by Kim Woo Bin's agency, who said that the artist is currently still recovering after being sentenced to suffer from cancer.
The final word
Well, that was just a few K-Pop singers who spread their wings in the Korean entertainment industry by moving bow into drama players, gangs.
In fact, not a few of them are trusted to play the main role in the drama that starred you know.

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