7 Weakest Criminals in Anime | Can you lose once?

7 Weakest Criminals in Anime | Can you lose once?

okoh villain is often portrayed as a figure who is strong and has extraordinary abilities. The main characters often have to struggle to defeat these criminals.

This is also often found in a variety of anime with a variety of villain characters.

As a media that often packs stories with characters that have super powers, the villains are often described as super evil and super strong characters.

What happens if the villain characters made in the anime are made super weak, even though the heroes in the anime have extraordinary strength?

Extremely Weak Criminals in Anime
Not all villains in the anime are made into characters with certain strengths or strengths that make him hard to beat.

There are also villain characters who are made super weak as joke material in certain anime.

Some of these villains have even emerged from the beginning of the anime. Who the heck is this super weak guy? Check out the full info below.

7. Zorzal El Caesar (GATE)

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Zorzal El Caesar is one of the villains in the GATE anime. The figure of the prince of this kingdom often commit various crimes such as killing and treating people arbitrarily.

As the crown prince of employment, Zorzal had the authority to control the warriors in the kingdom. But unfortunately Zorzal was too proud and seemed stupid because he didn't want to learn the strength of his opponent.

As a result, Zorzal and his troops immediately lost without significant resistance when fighting JDSF troops, modern troops from Japan.

This defeat was caused by Zorzal with his arrogance against modern armed forces complete with traditional royal troops who only used shields and spears.

What's more, Zorzal was defeated barehanded by Kuribayashi even though he claimed to be a martial artist.

6. Jiggle Butt Gang (Fairy Tail)

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Jiggle butt gang is one of the unique villain characters introduced in the Fairy Tail anime. They appeared several times in this anime and committed crimes in their silly ways.

This character seems to have been made as a joke in this anime given their super weird character designs.

This team is made with super big butt designs and their main strength is farting.

With such strength, they are not a significant obstacle for Natsu's team. Natsu's team defeated the trio easily after being annoyed for a while.

5. Ruberobo Gang (Medabots)

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The team of criminals in rubber shirts has the main goal of capturing rare medals, one of which is owned by the main character Ikki Tenryou.

This team consists of several members including: Dr. Armond, Seaslug, Gillgirl, Shrimplips, Squidguts, and Mr. Starfish

In carrying out its efforts, this team did a variety of ways and used various medabots but it never worked.

They have always been defeated by Ikki and his friends in each of their experiments. You can imagine how weak they are from their efforts which always fail from the beginning to the end of this anime story.

4. Shinji Matou (Fate Series)

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Appearing as one of the Masters, a magician who can control heroic spirit, does not make Shinji Matou a respected character.

Appearing in several Fate anime series, the portrayal of Shinji's character as a weak master has not changed.

Shinji Matou was actually born into a family of famous magicians, but Shinji could not use strong magic.

As a result, in every battle, despite being helped by heroic spirit, Shinji was defeated easily.

This character also became one of the hated characters in the Fate anime series because he covered his shortcomings by doing various sadistic things that were not worth doing.

3. Spandam (One Piece)

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Spandam is the main villain of One Piece in the Enies Lobby section. This figure is the leader of CP9, a special agent of the world government with extraordinary strength.

Despite having a position as a leader in an organization with extraordinary strength, Spandam does not have special powers.

Spandam got a position as leader of CP9 through his father who bequeathed the position to him.

Spandam is described as a cowardly and careless character. Spandam often spills coffee on himself and often injures himself. He was also said to be weaker than ordinary naval soldiers.

Despite his weak physical strength, Sapandam often demeans and tortures others. One of the characters that Spandam abused and abused was Niko Robin.

Spandam's treatment of Robin backfires on himself because at the end of the story Niko Robin broke Spandam's spine with his strength.

2. Emperor Pilaf (Dragonball)

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As a villain character in the Dragon Ball anime, the power possessed by Pilaf is arguably far from ideal. The character with small stature and blue skin does not have any special strength.

Compared to Goku who can destroy mountains very easily, Pilaf as a villain is indeed very weak.

Pilaf is also described as having a baby-like personality. Pilaf often cries when something does not fit what he wants.

Pilaf has two soldiers who are always loyal to accompany him namely Mei and Han. These two characters are in line with Pilaf and do not have any special powers.

Often Pilaf's plan to conquer the world ends in chaos.

One of them was when Pilaf revived King Piccolo which caused many people to die and Piccolo in the end could not be controlled by Pilaf.

The power of Pilaf never develops from the beginning to the end of the story. When compared to Goku who always becomes stronger with time. Goku and his friends can easily defeat Pilaf if they want.

1. Tim Roket (Pokemon Series)

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This group of criminals might not need to be introduced again. As a villain who appeared from the first Pokemon anime created and still exists in this anime until now.

The team consisting of Musashi / Jessee, Kojiro / James, and Meowth is trying to kidnap Pikachu from Ash / Satoshi. Their efforts have never been successful from the beginning of the film to the present.

Although they always fail in every effort, the Rocket Team never gives up on carrying out its mission and always follows wherever Pikachu goes.

The Rocket Team has followed Pikachu to various regions, always loyal in accompanying the adventures of Pikachu and his friends.

Despite going through various adventures the Rocket Team's strength has not developed significantly. They always managed to be defeated easily by Ash and his friends.

Rocket Team becomes one of the iconic villain groups in Anime. The existence of this team cannot be separated from the Pokemon anime franchise until now.

The final word
Those are some very weak villains in the anime. Although anime often makes characters with strengths that are over the top, there are also some characters that are made as jokes and are made very weak.

Although they are very weak, these villains have a big role as sweeteners in the anime series. Keep the anime from an overly serious impression.

Have you watched all of this anime, gang? Do you agree with this list?

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