Best Playstation 2 games news

Best Playstation 2 games news

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This PS2 for PC game collection was made by admin because a lot of people complained about the number of games distributed on the website. So now it will be made directly a collection of several games that may be the most desirable by gamers who want to reminisce with Playstation 2.

The following game you can play with the help of the latest PCSX2 PS2 emulator and play it offline, the file size is also small.

The following is a collection of Sony PlayStation 2 ISOs / ROMs High Compress download links or can also be called PS2 games highly compressed, or can also be called a collection of small size PS2 file games with various genres, be it the genre of action, racing, adventure, shooting, sports, puzzle, RPG or role-playing, platform, misc, and others. Although classified as a fairly large file, but in my opinion the file size that I share, including small because the file size is less than 100 MB and PS2 game files are usually more than 1 GB, while I share this less than 100 MB and some are less than 50 MB and smaller ones less than 10MB. You also need to know that the file that I shared is the full version alias not the rip version and can certainly be played on smartphones and PCs using PS2 emulators, be it DamonPS2, PCSX2 and other PS2 emulators. Just download bro, sis, before the neighbors!

Best Playstation 2 games news

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