Doraemon Stand by Me 2 Officially Comes Next Year! news

Doraemon Stand by Me 2 Officially Comes Next Year! news

One of the most popular old school anime and manga works by Fujiko F. Fujio, which has been published since 1969, namely Doraemon returned to get his latest film. Still continuing one of their last epic films, Doraemon: Stand By Me.

In the first film Nobita is told to go to the future to see who is the companion of Shizuka, and the fact that it is who will accompany Shizuka in the future. As time went by, Nobita also changed to make Doraemon have to return to the time he was born. The film itself ends with Doraemon's return to Nobita's time.

Continuing the previous story, Doraemon: Stand by Me 2 will take one of the stories from the comic about Nobita's journey back in time. In one of the scenes in the trailer also shows Nobita meeting her grandmother as the only person who realized if Nobita came from the future.

Still carrying 3DCG, the film Doraemon: Stand by Me 2 is certain to be released on August 7, 2020. What sad story will await us? Get ready with a tissue when you watch it, Kotakers!

Source: YouTube Doraemon

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