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BETA version of Fortnite Android has been officially released

Unfortunately the beta version of Fortnite Android can only be played by smartphones with qualified specs, so smartphone owners with potato specs can be a little patient and pray that the Epic Games launch the Fortnite Andorid friendly version for smartphone potatoes. Previously, on iOS devices themselves, Fornite proved to be very popular. In its own beta period, Fortnite has earned more than $ 1.5 million dollars, and after one month is available on iPads and iPhones, making even more profits at $ 25 million. Even in the next two weeks, his income doubled to $ 50 million.

Of course, with the launch of the beta version of the game Fortnite is a good news, because after a wait so long finally Fortnite can be played on the Andorid platform.

  • Log in to the official Epic Games site, then log in first.
  • For those of you who don't have an Epic Games account, you must make it by "Sign Up For email invite

  • After logging in successfully, then choose the type of Andorid platform (if your smartphone isn't available in the list, you should stop at this step !!)
  • After that you will get an e-mail notification, select "Get Started"
  • Select "Get Started" again then "download" to download Fortnite Install
  • Install Fornite Installer, then open it and wait until the install process is complete.

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