Ragnarok Tactics Has Opened the Pre-Registration Stage!

Come join the Strategy Game and Idle Game, Ragnarok Tactics Has Opened the Pre-Registration Stage!

Gravity Entertainment will carry the game with IP Ragnarok Online again. Gravity Entertainment uses the name Gravity Game Tech and is based in Thailand. But this popular game in the early 2000s was not present in the MMORPG genre. But one other genre is the strategy and idle genres. The large selection of characters and skills in the Ragnarok Online game makes a lot that can happen in this one game. The combination is not limited to just one.

This game will also carry a 3D theme. As a player, you must arrange an army in the form of Ragnarok's character in order to eradicate crime in the Midgard Continent. Many iconic monsters that you can face in this one game. Not only brings a sense of nostalgia, Ragnarok Tactics will bring a myriad of additional features for the players that make this game not boring.

Many excellent features of Ragnarok Tactics include the following:

1. Get a variety of iconic Ragnarok monsters, feel the thrill of fighting and plan tactics and strategies without limits you've never seen before.

Source: Ragnarok Tactics PR News

2. Real Time PVP, a feature that allows players to fight each other directly to reach the top rank in the arena.

Source: Ragnarok Tactics PR News

3. Guild, players can perform various activities together with the Guild community such as storming the Guild Boss or exploring the Tower, players can get various types of attractive prizes.

Source: Ragnarok Tactics PR News

In Thailand, Ragnarok Tactics is now successfully at the top of Google Play for the most trending game. However, for Southeast Asian servers, it will only enter the pre-registration stage starting on December 9, 2019. Later on December 19, 2019, the Thai version of Ragnarok Tactics will also get Big Guild War updates.

At the time of pre-registration, Ragnarok Tactis provides various items in the game that are quite interesting. Milestone is announced starting from 100,000 registrants, 300,000 registrants, and 500,000 registrants.

If you want to participate, you can click the link HERE.

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