Fortnite Launches Anyar Glider, Ready to Welcome 2020 with New Vehicles!

Fortnite Launches Anyar Glider, Ready to Welcome 2020 with New Vehicles!

If you are a gamer who is quite freak by staring at your favorite smartphone or game console so you miss the moment to celebrate the New Year 2020, this one game event is for you. A special event at Fortnite allows you to get a "2020 Glider" by celebrating New Year fireworks in the game.

This event is very limited and the glider is also free so the event is very interesting to follow.

Gamers must complete a challenge to get 2020 Glider which is included in the Rare or Rare category.

2020 Glider is quite interesting considering this one glider is equipped with a sparkling purple light that looks flashing when flying in the air.

As the name suggests, there is an inscription "2020" above the glider which is quite dazzling like a yellow neon light against a background of fireworks patterns.

Firework akan bisa ditemukan di tiga lokasi pada map ini. (Reddit/ vattenpistol via Polygon)

Players will only get 2020 Glider in a limited event that will end on January 7, 2020.

You have to go to Winterfest Lodge and click on the snowflake at the top of the menu (next to the Play button).

After moving the room, you must click on the socks that hang near agree.

When the socks are clicked, an announcement will appear that you are asked to say about the fire on the beach located at Sweaty Sands, Craggy Cliffs, and Dirty Docks.

After you arrive at one of the three locations, you only need to go to the beach and find fireworks.

On Craggy Cliffs, you can easily find it around rocks covered in snow.

Quoted from Polygon, this game event is almost the same as when Fortnite joined in celebrating its 80th birthday on the favorite DC Comics character, Batman.

At that time players can get items in the form of Bat-gliders that are designed similar to Batman vehicles.

The difference, 2020 Glider offers a firework pattern design so that you can feel the moment of the New Year at Fortnite.

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