New Year's 2020 Message from SEGA Accidentally Leaks Latest Sonic Game Project?

New Year's Message from SEGA Accidentally Leaks Latest Sonic Game Project?

Remaining in existence for more than two decades, Sonic's popularity as one of the most iconic video game mascots is undeniable. Although the figure of the famous blue hedgehog with its speed has always been the idol of many gamers in their childhood, unfortunately Sonic never get a new game that comes with solid quality like the classic series.

This factor has actually been felt since the franchise has switched to the concept of 3D gameplay, which for most fans including the KotGa Crew itself undermines the platforming elements in a Sonic game. With a 2D perspective, game controls have proven to be more responsive and fast, something that is the best advantage of Sonic games. Despite the deterioration in the game series, at least Sonic Team led by Takashi Iizuka still struggling to give birth to Sonic games with solid quality.

The presence of the newest game is only a matter of time, but some time ago the SEGA seemed to give the signal for the project through a message of happy new year 2020 through a compilation video. The video itself has been deleted, but in the video some fans can see a hidden message indicating that the "next chapter" or the latest Sonic game project might be announced in the near future. Not a few fans also consider that this message only gives an indication of the screening of the latest live-action film adaptation which will air in February.

So what do you think of this speculation? Is SEGA really preparing for the latest, more ambitious Sonic game project? We wait for its development.

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