Ragnarok Tactics SEA has been officially released in 2020

Ragnarok Tactics SEA has been officially released in 2020

Branch company Gravity Co. Ltd. based in Thailand, Gravity Game Tech, is pleased to announce the launch of Ragnarok Tactics, the Strategy RPG with the latest Idle system which is released in all countries in the Southeast Asian region. Ragnarok Tactics was first launched in Thailand and the results are extraordinary as one of the top games on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Gravity Game Tech is very pleased to present Ragnarok Tactics to all Ragnarok Online fans throughout Southeast Asia as a Ragnarok Online game that will captivate the fans of this franchise.

Gravity, the developer behind the legendary success of the Ragnarok Online MMORPG, and in this new adventure, players will act as commanders of a monster army to fight with their enemies. But, this isn't just about using the strongest monster you can find. Only with the right plan and the best strategy will make you win the battle to get the title as the strongest in the entire Midgard Rune.

Ragnarok Tactics offers a completely new experience for every fan who is familiar with the world of Ragnarok Online, with the latest RPG Strategy based system that is able to take a lot of attention and time to play.

Excellent features of Ragnarok Tactics.

Summon and control dozens of iconic monsters from Ragnarok Online

Form your strategy and formation without limits to dominate the battle.

Auto-Battle system that can make you do farming or leveling without having to be ONLINE!

Explore and find treasure!

Join your friends to defeat the powerful MVP Monster to fight for rare item prizes!

Strengthen your army using the Essence system!

Essence will give additional strength to your monster, upgrading to make it stronger.

Challenge your friends in Summoner Duel mode

You can challenge and fight in real-time with your friends.

Guild System

Players can carry out various activities together with the Guild community such as storming the Guild Boss or exploring the Tower, players can get various types of attractive prizes.

Guild War System

Conquer the prestigious battlefield in the Guild Wars arena and become a legend.

Begin your adventure today!!!

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