Same as Last Year? Sony is also likely to be absent from the E3 2020

Same as Last Year? Sony is also likely to be absent from the E3 2020

Sony's decision to be absent from the 2013 E3 event is still inviting a big question mark. Although Shawn Layden who was still the leader of SIE Worldwide Studios at that time had given a detailed explanation, but skipping the big E3 stage and trying to do some new experiments seemed to be a risk in itself which Sony was able to overcome. The proof itself can be seen from the enthusiasm of gamers in welcoming the PlayStation 5 which is stronger than the Xbox Series X, but so far Sony only shares details of some of the mainstay features and also the official logo for the console.

Because this year is definitely going to be a time when Sony will launch its fifth generation console, many gamers predict that they might come back to the E3 event and be ready to bring the biggest press conference in recent years. Unfortunately this prediction does not have any support and there are even some insiders who doubt it.

Based on the latest report from VGC, there are several sources within Sony who doubt that the PlayStation brand will return at the E3 event this year. This doubt may be because they know of Sony's plans for 2020, such as when they will show off the PS5 or the first exclusive games. Since there is no gap for Sony to attend other events, it could be that these insiders doubt there are plans for Sony to take part in the E3 which Microsoft will certainly attend, where they will share as much detail as possible about the Xbox Series X.

So what do you think of this prediction? Do you also feel that Sony will not be present at E3 2020?

Source: VGC

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