16-year-old Fortnite Faze Clan player is prohibited from playing because of pronouncing racial statements

It seems that problems continue to afflict Fortnite athlete FaZe Clan's team, after previously stumbling on many cases ranging from the aimbot used by Jarvis in online matches, H1ghsky1 who was thought to be still 11 years old and not yet allowed to play in the Fortnite World Cup, to the drama between Tfue and FaZe Clan. At the moment, one more problem arises because their player, Daniel "Dubs" Walsh, has to gracefully accept punishment after being caught using racist calls in the stream.

This 16-year-old teenager was caught on camera saying N-words, racial remarks that are very taboo. This statement even made some professional athletes forced to be fired from the team where they played. Actually Dubs didn't say that in his own stream. His friend is doing streams and parties with Dubs, either because of his mounting frustration or other things he said that.

Despite spontaneously apologizing for saying the word and through his official Twitter, FaZe Clan does not seem to tolerate it. They said they would crack down on every player who made a racist statement. As a result of this Dubs treatment, the FaZe Clan players must undergo Sensivity Training so as not to repeat the same thing. Although there are several Fortnite players who support Dubs, it seems that Dubs is a player with a red report card in this one game.

Dubs will not appear in the next few tournaments. Not only that, he was prohibited from representing the FaZe Clan anywhere. Too bad, just because he can't hold his emotions the player has to deal with the FaZe Clan. Hopefully there will be no more events like this, ya.

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