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This time I wrote an article about donkeymails. PTC lovers may be familiar with donkeymails.

Donkeymails is a GPT (Get Paid To) site which is quite popular among PTCs or a place to hunt dollars. Because Donkeymails have a variety of ways to get dollars, ranging from PTC, PTP, PTR, and others.

But I will give advice or tips for those of you who don't want to be bothered. These tips may be quite simple and easy to understand. Here are tips from

1. Please register at donkeymails if you don't have an account. You can be my referral, if you are willing, please click here. After that, click sign-up, then fill in your data correctly along with your payment processor account (donkeymails supports a variety of payment processors accompanied by fees or tax deduction / payout request fees).

For those of you who already have an account, please proceed to number 2.
2. After you register, please click on the member (precisely at the top). Then fill in your username and password in the column that has been provided. If you use an internet network at an internet cafe, you need to uncheck the first part.
3. After logging into your account

All you need to consider is the gray text (email, paid to click and earnings stats). email is an advertisement with the type of email, if you read it then you will get 0.25 cents. As for paid to click, you can find ads worth 0.1 cent, maybe you will rarely find ads worth 1 cent.

Maybe this is the only time I can write in this article. Good luck and success for you all.

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