free 10 dollar google play gift card

Free 10 dollar google play gift card

Cara Mendapatkan Bonus Saldo Gratis Google Play

5 Ways to Get Google Play Balance for Free Without Hassle

Want to buy weapons or new characters in online games like PUBG for free? It's possible. One of them is by using Google Play balance which can be obtained from prizes or shopping bonuses. In addition, there are other ways to get this free Google Play balance.


As is known, currently to buy games or applications and add-ons that are included, you have to use payment methods by credit card, PayPal, cut credit, online outlets such as INDOMOG, UniPin, SEAGM, AyoPay, buy vouchers in minimarkets and through Google vouchers Play But the most widely used method is usually the pulse cut, besides the most practical almost all operators already support this method.

It's just that all the payment methods above of course require capital from your own pocket, unless you get a free Google Play voucher for example from gifts or shopping bonuses. But actually there are other ways that are easier and practical that can be done if you want to get a free balance bonus for shopping on Google Play.

One way to get a free Google Play balance is by downloading and installing some free applications offered on Google Play itself. What are these applications? Here we describe:

1. Whaff Rewards

Whaff Rewards

This application is most popular for free voucher hunters on Google Play because it is considered the most promising. Once you download this free application and register, you already get the first bonus. Then you just do the tasks given this application to further add points.

If you refer this application to your friends, and if there are friends who download and install Whaff, then you will get another bonus. These collected bonuses can later be used to buy various applications, games or in-app purchases that usually appear in free games or applications.

If your income in Whaff has reached the minimum amount, which is $ 10 then you can withdraw it in several methods, can be through PayPal, exchanged Facebook vouchers, Google Play, exchanged credit, to shop at Amazon.

2. AppNana

This quite popular application allows you to be able to collect points that can be exchanged with Google Play vouchers. To get Pineapple points, you must download various free applications offered by Nana and also follow the tasks and commands of this application.
Each task completed, you will get points that can be exchanged for money or vouchers. Your own point calculation if you get 45,000 Pineapple points then you can exchange it for $ 2. Every day if you open the Nana application you have got 400 points.
And if you refer this application to your friends and your friends install it, you will get greater points again. You can transfer the money to a PayPal account or exchange it as a voucher to shop on Google Play.

3. Cashpirate

Similar to Whaff and AppNana, Cashpirate also offers points for those of you who download various applications offered. You must download and install the Cashpirate application from Google Play, then register. After that you just follow the orders or tasks given.

As a reward, you will get points that can be exchanged for dollars to be transferred to PayPal, exchanged to Facebook Gift Cards, Amazon also Google Play vouchers. You can exchange these points if you have reached 2500 points.

The tasks that must be done at Cashpirate to get these points are quite diverse, ranging from downloading and running applications, watching advertisements from sponsors, trying new games, watching videos provided to answering surveys and trying new products that are given free of charge. Like other applications, your points can also be increased simply by inviting friends to install this application.

4. Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet
Gift Wallet has also become one of the most popular dollar-producing applications since it was launched. The system that runs is also similar to other dollar-producing applications, namely the display of advertisements in the form of Android applications that you can download and install because with this you will get a coin.

Later the coins collected can be exchanged for dollars. You can get extra coins by sharing this application on your social media. You can get a referral code that you can share with your friends where if your friend installs by entering the referral code then you will get an extra coin as well as your friend will get a bonus coin too.

Within a day you can get up to 90 coins which for exchange, you must have a minimum of 1510 coins worth $ 2. The money can be used as PayPal Cash, exchanged with iTunes, Google Play and Amazon gift cards.

5. Appkarma


Although similar to the applications above, but Appkarma is said to be better than other dollar-producing applications because besides the method is somewhat different, the points given are also greater. Appkarma also gives you assignments, for example downloading applications and trying them, watching ad videos, playing recommended games and so on.

Rewards will be given immediately if you do the task correctly. Rewards in the form of points you can collect and then exchange for dollars. The minimum amount of money that must be collected to be withdrawn to a PayPal account or exchanged for a voucher is $ 10.

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