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Jillsclickcorner is a PTC program that is proven to pay members. Jillsclickcorner is one of the sites of Donkeymails owners. The difference from Jillsclickcorner when compared to Donkeymails is that Jillsclickcorner does not use a point system but rather a token game that can be exchanged for something. One of them is Amazon Gift Card.

To be able to exchange into an amazon voucher you need a minimum of 1000 game tokens which will be exchanged for $ 10 Amazon Gift Cards. After you redeem it into an Amazon Gift Card you will get an email from Jillsclickcorner that contains the Amazon Gift Card code at the beginning of the month or in other words the following month.

Another difference from Jillscorner is that Jillsclickcorner does not have a Paid to read email program. And another thing that distinguishes is a fairly high fee of around 20% for Liberty Reserve. For other payment processors you can see the withdrawal menu.

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Hopefully this article will be useful and successful for all of you.

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