LET'S LIVE! You Can Play RPG's 'Trials of Mana' Game Tomorrow for Free!

LET'S LIVE! You Can Play JRPG's 'Trials of Mana' Game Tomorrow for Free!

Maybe most gamers are more familiar with Legend of Mana as the most iconic game of the RPG Mana franchise. The game does offer a very solid quality and should be recognized as one of the best series, but there is another game that is no less powerful when talking about quality. The game in question is none other than Seiken Densetsu 3.

First released in 1995, this game is the most superior and revolutionary Mana series of its time. Starting from the storyline and the gameplay is built with a solid, but unfortunately this game is only available in Japan and has not received a global release for decades. But Square Enix unexpectedly brought a big surprise at last year's E3, where they officially raised this game in a remake version that is ready to be released in the near future.

To increase the enthusiasm of fans who can't wait to taste the game, Square Enix plans to release a free demo version that can be downloaded starting March 18 tomorrow. This demo will be available for the PlayStation 4 platform, Nintendo Switch and PC, where players will get access to play the first portion of the game to the boss battle against Fullmetal Hugger. The good news, save data from this demo version can also be brought to the final version of the game and then forwarded without having to repeat the progress from the beginning.

Can not wait for the game? Seiken Densetsu 3 Remake or Trials of Mana is planned to be released on April 24th, for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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