Pay Per Download Without Survey 2020

Pay Per Download Without Survey

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Get dollars from pay per download without surveys is to get dollars from files downloaded by other people and from any country.

Many laypeople who get dollars? who get a dollar is a member publisher / uploader. So if you just download it, you don't get any penny, because you are not a member of the PPD hosting content publisher / uploader. even a downloader can have to spend dollars if the PPD hosting limits the amount that is allowed to be downloaded every month. that means being part of a Publiser / Uploader is free but can also be a premium member. while there is a Downloader who must register first and then the new upgrade is allowed to download again, there are also those who do not need to register directly can download without restrictions, the example that is required to register when you want to download is, and the example that is NOT required to register is, etc. it's clear right buddy? hopefully clear ...: P

Returning to the initial discussion of getting dollars from upload / share / download is the thing most loved by everyone, the reason there is reciprocity for the publisher / uploader and that's what I experienced. currently there are a lot of PPD hosting that gives big dollars for every file that is successfully downloaded, there are even $ 10 per person to download it, but it is not possible if we practice it in Indonesia, because it is rarely provided surveys / install plugin software all for some countries including Indonesia, PPDs that have surveys (locker content) are only suitable if our link is specifically for countries in Europe that have just been successful in getting a lot of dollars, but if there is traffic from Indonesia, don't expect anyone to download it.

My experience when I joined, one of the PPD Locker Content hosting from 10 thousand clicks, only 2 countries downloaded, namely the US and China, my total income was only $ 2 payout, only if the earnings reached $ 5. then with that experience then I decided to stop and this experience I gave to my friend, don't be tempted by the slogan "get up to $ 10 dollars for just one download" all of it just spent your time, uploading and sharing content. but if you are interested in trying it please who knows you better know the tricks. hhehe

Okey returned to the original discussion that is to get dollars from pay per download. pay per download here is meant to be paid per 1000 downloads. So if your file has been downloaded 1000 times by your friends or people visiting your link, you will get the appropriate dollar from the countries that are downloading.

For payment of 1000 downloads in each country that is different, if from Indonesia the highest is only $ 4 and even then if your file exceeds 1GB, if your file is only 1-100MB or 1-50 MB the highest is only $ 1- $ 2.

The Domain Hosting pay per 1000 download names are as follows:

A. No uploading of pornographic content
1. Hulkload
2. Upload Boy

B. Allowed Uploading Porn Content
1. efileuploading
2. TusFiles

Okay that's all, buddy, more detailed explanation later I will make on another page: D

sorry i can't include the link, but you can write it in the google search engine then you will find it

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