End of the Dutch League: Ajax Maklum, Utrecht and Cambuur Protest

End of the Dutch League: Ajax Maklum, Utrecht and Cambuur Protest

Selebrasi pemain Ajax Amsterdam Lasse Schone (bawah) dan Abdelhak Nouri dalam pertandingan Liga Eropa UEFA, 24 November 2016. REUTERS/United Photos/Toussaint Kluiters
Ajax Amsterdam accepted the decision to end the 2019/20 Eredivisie Dutch League season without a champion, but the stoppage was responded to with protests from FC Utrecht and SC Cambuur Leeuwarden.

The Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) decided to end the 2019/20 season because an extension of the regional quarantine prevented the worsening of the COVID-19 pandemic. They also decided there were no champions and relegation promotions for this season. This is the first time since 1945 that there have been no champions in the top two divisions of their soccer league.

Ajax currently tops the Eredivisie standings with a collection of 56 points armed with goal difference advantage over AZ Alkmaar in second place. They certainly failed to win, but accepted it gracefully.

"We lead the standings for most of the season, it is unfortunate not to be champions, but judging the current situation, it can be understood," Ajax Director of Marketing Edwin van der Sar told the club's video channel reported by Reuters on Friday.

"At the moment there are many things more important than football," the legend of Ajax and Manchester United added.

However, the KNVB's decision which also included the promotion and relegation elimination and the determination of the allocation of European competition tickets was not well received by Utrecht and Cambuur.

Cambuur who currently leads Eerste Divisie (second division) with a collection of 66 points must postpone their ambition of promotion to the Eredivisie because there is no promotion / degradation this season. Though they are already 11 points ahead in the race for promotion tickets to the Eredivisie with nine matches remaining.

"This is the biggest scandal in Dutch sports history," said Cambuur's head coach Henk de Jong.

Whereas Utrecht, who have already qualified for the Dutch Cup final against Feyenoord, had to give up a ticket for the Europa League group phase they could not achieve through a struggle on the field.

The decision to stop football in the Netherlands, practically made the Dutch Cup final not held and the Europa League group phase ticket was immediately given to Feyenoord, who currently ranks third in the Eredivisie standings.

"It is unacceptable that the Dutch Cup was completely ignored and did not produce tickets to European competition as they should," Utrecht's official statement said.

Termination of the Eredivisie competition made Utrecht also lose the chance to win tickets to Europe via the league, even though they are sixth and only three points behind with one match from Willem II in fifth.

Willem and PSV Eindhoven were decided to get tickets for the second round of the Europa League qualifiers, but the allocation of European competition tickets was still confirmed by the KNVB to UEFA.

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